1. Functional Medicine Treatment For Depression

    Depression affects almost 20 million Americans. Women are twice as likely to suffer from depression as men and it has become so common that is has been referred to as the "common cold" of mental illness. Functional neurology and functional medicine experts have determined that depression is essentially a symptom of decreased activity of a certain part of the brain called the frontal lobe. This …Read More

  2. Insomnia Relief

    Insomnia is a very frustrating health issue that interferes with the lives of millions of people. If you suffer from insomnia you may have difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep or both. There are two general classes of insomnia: Primary insomnia: this means that a person is having problems with sleep that are not directly caused by another known health problem. Secondary insomnia: this form …Read More

  3. Weight-Gain, Fatigue, Depression and the Thyroid Gland

    Your thyroid gland controls the energy levels of your body, the ability to eliminate excess body fat and has a significant influence on brain function. When you have normal thyroid function you have energy, feel good and can maintain proper weight. If you have a sluggish thyroid or your thyroid medication type or dosage is not tailored to your needs, you may gain weight, feel fatigued and suff…Read More

  4. How You Can Benefit From Functional Medicine

    The current healthcare model today is not designed to deal with the rise in chronic disease and declining health in America. Instead of focusing on getting people healthy and preventing chronic disease we have become a drug-nation. We now equate medication with healthcare. Functional Medicine (FM) is a new way of looking at chronic health issues and disease because the focus is on the cause of …Read More

  5. New Treatment for Chronic Pain Now Available

    Many adults suffer with chronic pain including the back, neck, or pain in other joints like the shoulder, hip or knee. Most people manage their pain with over-the-counter medications, and while these can provide temporary relief from the pain, they do not fix the underlying problem that is causing their pain. If you are experiencing chronic pain, then you are also suffering from damaged tissues…Read More

  6. An Alternative Medicine Approach to Weight-Loss

    The most common health issue we see in our office is the inability to lose weight. In spite of all the new diets and exercise routines one can choose from these days, losing weight is still a battle for many people; especially women over the age of 30. So why do so many people have trouble losing weight these days? At Naperville Integrated Wellness, we have found that when patients are basicall…Read More