At Naperville Integrated Wellness, we love the opportunity to provide the residents of Aurora with integrative medicine services. Aurora is a wonderful place to call home for several reasons. As one of the most attractive suburbs of Chicago, many families choose to call it home, so it’s a family-friendly community. In fact, the school district is among the best in the area. Aurora has everything that we look for in a suburban home base — easy access to the city, plenty of community events, and all the shopping you could need. 
If you’re a resident of Aurora, consider contacting Naperville Integrated Wellness for functional medicine treatments.

Functional Medicine Treatments for Aurora Residents

Our functional medicine facility isn’t like most traditional clinical settings. Your care team isn’t here to put a bandaid over your symptoms and send you on your way. Functional medicine is based on the idea that all health issues have a root cause, and if that can be addressed, your body will naturally heal itself. We begin this process with functional health testing to ensure we understand the source of what you’re experiencing. With appropriate lab testing, we’re able to get a clearer picture of your overall health, and why you may be experiencing your symptoms. After our comprehensive initial and functional medicine testing, we are functional medicine auroraable to put together a customized care plan that addresses your unique concerns and needs.

Why Choose Naperville Integrated Wellness? 

Naperville Integrated Wellness sees you as a whole person, not a diagnosis. We don’t prescribe medications or rush you out the door — we use functional medicine treatments to provide you with the level of care you truly need to thrive. We genuinely care about the well being of each of our clients and take the time to get to know you and your concerns.