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    Infections Cause Autoimmune Disease

    Acute and chronic infections can be a root cause for the development of autoimmune disease. Viruses in particular have been shown to trigger immune system dysregulation and ultimately autoimmunity. While there are other environmental and lifestyle triggers for autoimmunity, infections have probably been the most studied by researchers.  “Autoimmunity occurs when the immune system recognizes and…Read More

  2. The Real Pandemic – Your Immune System

    COVID-19 won’t kill you… your immune system will A pandemic is an epidemic of disease that covers a large region or the entire world and affects large numbers of people. We are calling COVID-19 a pandemic…but it is not the virus that is the real problem, it is our own immune systems. COVID-19 has become a such a concern because of the possibility of significant complications and even death.…Read More

  3. COVID-19 Discovery! – Our Functional Medicine Doctor Breaks It Down

    COVID-19 Discovery! Vitamin D might be helpful!  Vitamin D might have a beneficial impact on your immune system. It might even help protect you against a coronavirus! Ok, you are probably thinking that I’m fool and that everyone knows vitamin D can help improve your immune system. Well, apparently this is “news” to researchers. I apologize for being a bit a facetious, but I am just a bit sh…Read More

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    Coronavirus Warning – It’s Time To Wake Up

    COVID-19 is a wake-up call What exactly is a wake-up call? Something that serves to alert us to a problem, danger or need. Seeing what this virus has done to our country and the world should serve as warning that we do have a problem, we are in danger and there is a need.  The fact that a virus has shut down our lives should serve as a warning to us all. The fact that a virus has caused such pani…Read More

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    Hashimoto’s Brain Damage: Keep Your Brain Health w/ Functional Medicine

    Hashimoto’s disease is not only a thyroid disease. This autoimmune disease often affects your brain. Many individuals with this disease still suffer with brain-related symptoms even when their thyroid hormone levels are optimal. Your symptoms may not be related to your levels of thyroid hormone at all. In many instances, symptoms attributed to thyroid hormones are actually problems that originat…Read More

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    Autoimmune Disease and COVID-19: The Functional Medicine Approach

    Autoimmune Disease and COVID-19 Autoimmune diseases have not been found to increase COVID-19 mortality, but other chronic health conditions have. However, coronavirus infection can cause an exacerbation or flare up of your autoimmune disease.  If you have an autoimmune disease, it does not mean that you have an overactive or underactive immune system. It means you have an immune system that is no…Read More

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    What is a Coronavirus and Where Do They Come From?

    What is a coronavirus and where do they come from? Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that infect birds and mammals (we are mammals and so are bats). These viruses are named “corona” because they have protrusions sticking out that resemble a crown.  There are basically 7 coronaviruses that affect humans. The four most common human coronaviruses are named 229E, NL63, HKU1 and OC43. These vi…Read More

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    Coronavirus Today and Tomorrow – How to Protect Yourself and Your Family

    Your Immune System   Experts agree that COVID-19 will be a problem for some time to come. The hope is that a vaccine will be created to help provide protection in the future. There are however some big problems with this as our only hope and solution. As you will see below, we are a long way (over a year) from developing a vaccine. We also don’t know how effective it will be, since most flu vi…Read More

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    Could it be a food allergy? – Functional Medicine helps at the source!

    Is Your Diet Making You Sick?   I’m not just talking about junk food or highly processed foods. Could healthy foods be a problem for your body? Many people have food allergies or food sensitivities that are supposed to be healthy. How would you know if the healthy foods you are eating are making you sick? Can you discover which foods support and nourish your body and which ones tear it down, l…Read More

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    What is Inflammation?

    Inflammation, you have heard it’s bad for you. You don’t want it…but what the heck is it? Inflammation is a root cause of countless health problems and is the only factor common to all chronic diseases. In functional medicine we are very interested in the subject of inflammation because until it is brought under control you simply cannot restore function and therefore health. Is Your Body on…Read More