Katie has been in love with exercise, movement and sports since she was 13.  Curiosity about the possibilities of the human body lead her into the fitness industry at the young age of 16.  Over the years she has been an aerobics instructor, fitness program designer, personal trainer, trainer to lumberjacks in Montana, and a nutrition consultant.   She has taught biomechanics, assisted with OSHA wellness and prevention programs, and weight loss management coach.  She has Loved it all!
It is her absolute passion and pleasure to help others achieve their goals and help them see the potential that she can see in them.  This often requires helping them get out of their own way, allowing health to emerge. This is what a good coach does, they see the potential that their clients may not see in themselves and brings this potential to life.
At the age of 30, Katie tore her rotator cuff while working out, it required surgery and a long recovery.  Her weight, digestion and hormones became out of control.  Her digestion became strained and PMS turned unbearable.  Though she applied all that she had learned about food and exercise, the weight wouldn’t budge, and constipation was the new norm.    She sought out help from a Health coach to help restore her health and get her life back.  This experience challenged and changed everything she thought she knew about food, health, macronutrients, healing, the cause of disease, weight loss, digestion, and even exercise.  Her health coach challenged all of it and her mainstream information.  The approach directed her attention beyond her symptoms to find the root cause of her health problems.    This approach to healing became her new journey and the focus of her career.

Her personal experience and success became her new mission… to help others who were struggling with misinformation and lack of support. Most people have the desire to get better, but they lack a roadmap that is specific to them.  Having a coach to guide them makes all the difference. She believes that encouragement, correct information and accountability is the key to changing habits, changing them for good and creating a new level of health and vitality.

For the past 8 years, Katie has had her own thriving practice, working mostly with women in their 40’s-60’s.  The majority originally started with Katie to help with stubborn weight loss.  What evolved through this root cause approach to health restoration was that her clients not only changed their physique, but they also got rid of diseases and medications for conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, migraines, fibromyalgia, joint pain, and etc.

While having her own practice was wonderful and very rewarding. She wanted to take her career to the next level and work with a team of dedicated healthcare professionals. This would permit her to continue to fulfill the vital role of a coach but with the added benefit of working in collaboration with functional medicine doctors and other health professionals that share the same values and philosophy. After searching for quite some time, she discovered an instant connection to Naperville Integrated Wellness. She did not want to work with just any office that was offering functional medicine, she wanted to work with the best in the Chicagoland area.  After meeting the team at NIW, she knew this was where she wanted to be and that these were the kind of people she wanted to work with. Working with Dr. Sexton and the rest of the team has been a wonderful experience.