Amazing Results

I broke my right hip in May 2008 . While in physical therapy, I was limping and listing. Several physical therapists measured both of my legs. My right leg was now a half inch shorter than my left leg. Even with a heel lift, I was still listing slightly and unconsciously compensating for the length difference between my legs. In December 2010 I fell on some ice and broke my left hip. Before going into surgery by the same surgeon who did my right hip, I requested he make my left leg one half inch shorter so that my left leg would be the same length as my right leg. That did not happen Over the course of three to four years the listing became worse and worse. I needed support to walk. Walking was becoming a struggle. At that point I sought help. Dr. Sexton measured both legs. My right leg was now a whole inch shorter than my left leg. He suggested trying Bowen Therapy and referred me to Lisa. My first Bowen session was an absolute miracle. In the one hour Lisa worked on my back muscles. The results were amazing. The difference in leg length went from 1 inch down to about one-eighth of an inch in the first session. I walked out of my first session with incredible results – much more than I had ever expected or hoped for. It was not a struggle to walk. The progress I have made under Bowen therapy is holding. I am able to walk over 3 miles a day without any problems and with no support devices. Lisa and Bowen Therapy have produced miraculous results for me. I highly recommend Lisa and Bowen Therapy. I am currently working with Dr. Sexton on adrenal and thyroid issues. His functional medicine approach addresses the root cause of the problems rather than prescribing medicine to mask the symptoms. They are a great team.**

Maurine M.