Bowen Therapy Works Magic On The Body

Lisa is a great Bowen Therapist! After a failed microdiscectomy I had in February 2015 I was in an extreme amount of low back and sciatic nerve damage and pain. I was really nervous to do a second surgery that the surgeon said was necessary again. In November 2015 I felt the most pain in my life and my mother, who has worked with Lisa for years with Bowen, suggested I go see her before I make any surgery decisions. Lo and behold, here I am 6 months later with absolutely no low back pain and very minimal sciatic nerve pain! I can’t preach enough about how Bowen works magic on the body and mind! I highly recommend Lisa and Bowen Therapy in general! IT WORKS!!! Only thing to note for some may be that they are not contracted with any insurance companies so it’s an upfront payment and then you submit for potential reimbursement through your insurances company depending on your loan coverage (I received some reimbursement for my first few sessions after I submitted the necessary paperwork). You can also use your flexible spending or health savings account to pay for services if you have that too (that’s what I do going forward). That aside, it’s a good office and great treatment services.**

Graeme L.