Everything They Do Is To Improve The Lives Of Their Patients

I have been going to Doc (Dr. Sexton) and Lisa for around 5 years. They are an amazing team and they truly care about their patient’s well-being. I started going to them because of my mom and sister going to them for digestive issues. Doc was the first person to care about the cause of my issues, instead of just trying to give me a pill to “fix” the immediate issue. None of my primary care managers have ever listened the way Doc and Lisa do. Doc recently did some testing on me, due to many issues that I have been having for years and had pushed to the wayside, due to primary care managers not taking me seriously, and he set me up on a program to help get my body back to normal. In the process, I decided to have surgery to get my tubes tied, so that I could stop taking birth control (the hormones have been affecting me negatively for years). During that surgery, my doctor found a tumor on my uterus the size of an oversized egg. Had I not gone in for surgery and if I had gotten pregnant, there would have been negative effects on a baby. Everything Doc and Lisa do is to improve the lives of their patient’s long term and without the use of pills. I love their approach, and I recommend them to everyone who has any issues or is looking for a doctor or nutritionist with a naturopathic approach.**

Lori J.