I Can’t Imagine Going Anywhere Else!

I have been a patient of Doc and Lisa’s for over 8 years and now drive 45 minutes each way to their office. I can’t imagine going anywhere else! I initially went to their office after a bad car accident and received treatment for cervical herniated discs, back pain, and knee pain. I saw other doctors during this time, but Bowen therapy and the other treatments I received from Doc and Lisa were really the only things that helped. I continue to receive Bowen therapy to remain healthy and relatively pain free. I have recently begun a systematic treatment plan with Doc to get off of some prescription meds and reduce the chronic intestinal inflammation that no other doctor(even specialists) has been able to treat. I will be trying to get pregnant next year, and I am confident that Lisa and Doc will help me get to a healthy enough state in order to do that!**

Jessica B.