I was treated as a whole person, not just symptoms.

I had suffered from fibromyalgia the last 20 years.  My back problems became severe the last two months.  My back issues are mostly congenital.  I don’t know how the fibromyalgia started.

I had no life.  It affected all aspects of my life.  I had tried everything and nothing helped.  I was hopeless.  Prescription drugs, ketamine therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, and steroid injections. I was referred to Lisa and Dr. Sexton by my daughter-in-law.  My experience was unlike any other place I had been treated at before.  I was treated as a whole person, not just symptoms.  It has been very positive.  I have never been treated by anyone who thought I could get better.  I became hopeful.  When I first started Bowen, my back problems were so severe I could barely walk.  I was in pain from head to toe.  Lisa would work on specific areas that were causing the most pain. I slept better, my fatigue improved, depression lessened, and chronic constipation improved. My pain significantly decreased in 4-5 sessions.  Lisa is a gift to those who need it most.  Doctors gave me pills, Lisa gave me hope.**

Arlene Y.