Do you want your functional medicine doctor to guess what the root cause of your problem is, or run tests to reveal what the root cause is?

Let’s say you have a problem with your digestive system, such as gas, bloating and diarrhea. You have been diagnosed by your gastroenterologist with IBS.

You then choose to seek the help of a functional medicine doctor near you. You already have a diagnosis of IBS, but this does not explain WHY you have IBS or what the root cause is. During the consultation with the functional medicine doctor it is explained to you that there could be several causes for the IBS; such as:

  1. SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth)
  2. Leaky gut
  3. Yeast overgrowth in the bowel or harmful bacteria or parasites
  4. Food allergies or sensitivities
  5. Poor neurotransmitter balance in the gut’s nervous system (possibly a serotonin or dopamine problem)
  6. Poor digestion of foods due to a lack of stomach acid or enzymes
  7. IBS that is associated with a hormonal imbalance
  8. Etc.

Any of these or a combination of these can cause IBS. So how does one discover what the root cause of your IBS is? Testing!

Maybe you need a functional stool test, nutrition test or food allergy / sensitivity test. How do know what the root cause is, if you have not identified it.

We perform the required testing in our Naperville office so that we are not “guessing” about root causes of health issues.

Some patients come to our office and ask questions like “what supplement should I take for IBS?” or “What dietary changes should I make to help with my IBS?” or “Do I have a yeast problem or a SIBO problem?” To provide an answer to any of these questions would be guessing! Data, facts…testing provides answer that lead to causes and better solutions.

This applies to any health problem, not just IBS. Maybe you have chronic headaches, insomnia, unusual neurological symptoms, autoimmune disease, etc.

The process should always be the same…collect the facts (testing) so that appropriate recommendation and treatment plans can be created and implemented. “Guessing” and short-cuts typically end with poor results, wasted time, effort and money.

In our fast-paced society we want answers, we want them quick and we want them to be easy. That might work in the world of technology, but this is not the case with biology. You are a biological organism, not a smart phone.

I believe society is confusing technology with biology. Our bodies have not changed for a very long time, our bodies still work off of basic, natural, biological processes.

There are no quick fixes, apps or downloads to “fix” your body. Luckily, technology has helped us provide better testing, so we can collect better information but the process is the same…collect the data, then make treatment decisions.

This is the foundation of functional medicine. Discover root causes for health problems and reverse them, ideally through lifestyle modification…again working with your biology…your design.

I am a “testing” functional medicine doctor…not a “guessing” doctor, I want to collect the best information I can, so I can provide the best recommendations and outcomes for all of my patients.

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The purpose of functional medicine is:

Understanding health problems, knowing how and where to investigate, understanding what to look for, understanding what is found and creating a plan of action to correct the root cause of the health problem.

This is what I do, this is what I love, this is functional medicine, this is why Naperville Integrated Wellness exists. 

I hope you have found value in this information.

I wish you health, happiness and a better quality of life!

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Do your own research, inform yourself and ask lots of questions. When collecting information, you MUST consider the source. There is no shortage of false, misleading, outdated, profit-driven and utterly biased information in healthcare today; even from the most respected sources and organizations.

This approach to healthcare is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease. Why? The FDA enforces its position that these words can only be used with drugs. This approach does not use drugs.