1. Thank you NIW team for all that you do!!

    I write this review as the wife of someone with CVID (common variable immunodeficiency.) For the first time ever, I feel like my husband is getting the level of care that he needs and deserves. Dr Sexton dives deep, and thinks critically and creatively about what is going on, instead of treating symptoms while dismissing the cause. The NIW team has been such a gift to us! My husband was diagnosed …Read More

    Emily T.
  2. I would highly recommend this place!

    I would highly recommend this place! As opposed to ‘traditional’ doctors, Dr. Sexton and Lisa will get to the root of your health ailments. They understand the significant role diet and lifestyle has on one’s health -something typically overlooked. I have dealt with ongoing digestive and hormonal problems the majority of my life. The specialists I had previously seen couldn’t figure out wh…Read More

    Janette J
  3. Dr. Sexton and Lisa have helped me so much

    Dr. Sexton and Lisa have helped me so much, and I highly recommend them! Basically, they were my last hope after seeing multiple doctors for relief from severe muscle spasms and chronic pain in my neck, ribs and back. A cervical fusion surgery that took 2 years to heal did a number on my body and I couldn’t find relief after trying everything from acupuncture, to trigger point injections, to dry…Read More

    Judy W.
  4. Everyone there is so professional and courteous.

    Everyone there is so professional and courteous. I truly feel like they care about me and want to see me achieve my goals. I would highly recommend them to ANYONE!…Read More

  5. You should certainly check this place out :)

    I found this place on an internet search, debated going, and then talked myself out of it thinking "It'll be too expensive" or "I don't need this-- I'll figure it out or find answers eventually" until someone else suggested I try this place out and I thought it was time to take the plunge. I am very happy that I did! From my first phone call to my first visit, this has been the most positive exper…Read More

    Meredith A.
  6. Naperville Integrated Wellness has changed my life in every way.

    Naperville Integrated Wellness has changed my life in every way. I took a chance and called about 7 months ago now. I came to them looking for more mental stability, depression, brain fog, joint pain and yo yo weight gain. They took the time to pin point all of my systems and concerns. It is a huge investment but worth every single penny. You might feel like “these tests seem unnecessary” but …Read More

    Kelsey M.
  7. You will NOT regret it!!

    Hello, my name is Erin. I’ve been working with the Sextons for about a month and a half now and I couldn’t be happier and more amazed! I came to them frustrated and struggling to find answers. For the past 6 months I had been experiencing extreme exhaustion/fatigue, mood swings and a little depression, brain fog, weight gain, and finally my scalp psoriasis was out of control. I workout I eat d…Read More

    Erin M.
  8. Life changing!

    Life changing! After letting “life’s pressures” create an environment totally corrosive to living a long, happy, healthy life I knew it was time for a change. Losing two siblings in their mid 60’s, nearing retirement myself, I was overwhelmed with the thought that my golden years would be consumed with pain, fatigue, unhealthy weight and depression. A random internet search for a Functiona…Read More

    Mark S.
  9. I definitely recommend and I’ve already told a few friends about coming here!

    I came to Dr. Sexton after my diagnosis of Hashimoto's. I've also always struggled with IBS and GERD. So far it's been a wonderful experience. The time they take to sit with you and really discuss what is going on and explain testing results is unheard of in the medical world. But I guess that's why so many people are beginning to be more open to alternative medicine. They are tired of others not …Read More

    Drew M.
  10. This office and their approach to wellness is AMAZING!

    This office and their approach to wellness is AMAZING! They listen, are thoughtful, and truly get to the root cause of why your health isn’t optimal. I had visited 4 doctors multiple times, continuously being told there was nothing wrong, before I found Naperville Wellness. They were able to finally tell me I had an autoimmune condition related to my stomach and high histamine levels. YOU GUYS! …Read More

    Kyle B.