How is Functional Medicine Different?

A distinct advantage of utilizing functional medicine is that it expands the physician’s diagnostic and treatment options; thus permitting better patient outcomes. With functional-specific testing, your doctor can get better answers and create a more effective treatment plan.

Functional Medicine Testing Options:

  • Expanded functional medicine blood tests
  • Food intolerance and food allergy
  • Comprehensive stool analysis for gut flora and digestion health
  • Saliva testing for adrenal gland cortisol balance
  • Hormone testing
  • Neurotransmitter tests for brain and digestion system health
  • Comprehensive nutrient levels testing
  • Detoxification capacity
  • And more…

Functional medicine testing procedures provide vital information and facilitate the process of isolating where dysfunction is occurring in the body and how to correct it. This is an extremely different approach compared to traditional healthcare; where the focus is placed on diagnosing the disease and matching that disease to a drug. Little if any value is placed on the underlying cause of the disease or how to reverse it.

Functional medicine is deeply rooted in the process of collecting information about the function-status of your body and then initiating treatment based on these findings.