Hello, I am Dr. Sharon Borkowski, and I am a naturopathic physician and functional medicine practitioner.  The journey that led me here began as I watched my mother suffer for many years with health problems from which she never recovered. She saw doctor after doctor and was prescribed an ever increasing list of medications, none of which led to better health or better quality of life.  

Beginning in my teenage years I suffered from chronic digestive system problems. By the time I reached my mid 20s I was also suffering from severe seasonal allergies for which I was given various antihistamines and decongestants.  Soon those drugs no longer worked for me and my seasonal allergies turned into chronic sinusitis.  For this, my doctor prescribed multiple rounds of antibiotics.  Each time the problem returned, it was worse than previous infection.  At its worst, I could not breathe through my nose all year round.  

At this point it was clear to me that I needed to look elsewhere for a solution to my health concerns.  After a decade long suffering, I finally found the help and support I needed.  I owe my restored health to the education and guidance I received from my functional medicine provider.  My desire to understand the root causes of poor health and chronic illness  grew from these early experiences and led me to pursue my degree in naturopathic medicine.  With over 21 years of patient care experience, I am excited to be a part of the amazing team here at Naperville Integrated Wellness.