What causes IBS and, more importantly, how can you treat it? With multiple cause-theories and even more “remedies” for this problem, it is not unusual to feel confused and overwhelmed.

Did You Know That…

  • Women are 2x as likely to have IBS as men (American College of Gastroenterology).
  • Most women suffer from IBS between their teens and early 40’s.
  • Most IBS sufferers have tried things like Imodium, Bentyl or Lotronex, probiotics (beneficial bacteria), changing their diet, exercise or relaxation techniques.

It’s easy to be discouraged while living with IBS but there are answers to solving this problem!

Common Contributors to IBS That We Discover Are…

    • Bacteria/yeast problems
    • Hormonal problems
    • Enzyme problems
    • Certain food or chemical sensitivities

  • Even subtle neurological imbalances!

How We Help You…

  • The solution for restoring normal function to your digestive tract and eliminating IBS is to identify exactly what is putting your body under stress and remove it or support your body’s ability to cope with it.
  • We offer unique diagnostic tests that help us isolate the real problem and then focus treatment on that exact problem.
  • If tests in the past have not helped isolate the cause of your problem, we can offer specific tests not normally performed by your gastroenterologist.

Instead of jumping from one form of treatment after another, you would benefit from identifying exactly what imbalances there are in your body that are causing your IBS. Once this is accomplished, a healthy worry free tummy is to be expected. Through a functional medicine approach, we can help you take back control of your life! Contact our Naperville office today!**