Lisa has been passionate about her education and helping people on their journey toward reclaiming their health for over 30 years; as a consultant, therapist, trainer, and coach.  She believes in the body’s ability to heal, and never underestimates that. Nor does she put limits on anyone’s potential to succeed.  Lisa enjoys partnering with you to reach your goal, whatever that looks like for your health. When it comes to getting better, her thinking is: “Why not you?”

Like many, her own personal journey with health issues and victory over them has been the catalyst and that lead to her passion for her career.  Poor health, allergies, and digestive issues were considered normal for her as a child.  Though she was active in sports and school she had to put a great deal of effort in behind the scenes to function.  Gluten intolerance and food sensitivities were never brought up, nor were they thought of as being part of the cause.  Her family tree is full of Crohn’s disease, IBS, chronic digestive issues, lung and heart issues, cancer on both sides, eye diseases, and blindness…Quite frankly she was dealt a genetic mess!

Poor life habits, and a detachment to the cause and effect of her choices coupled with her genetics finally came to a head at age 20. Life as she knew it was forever changed.  She was on 2 competitive fast pitch softball teams, power lifting, working full time, and attending college when a series of injuries and her first hospitalization for her chronic gastritis occurred in the form of an “acute” attack.  During the course of that year she lost about 30 pounds due to her bodies inability to keep up or process foods as it should, and she was hospitalized a second time. She was left with no clear answers or solutions and a hospital bill of over $30,000 that she was personally responsible for. To put that into perspective, that is the equivalent to over $80,000 today. She was broke and sick.  She was no longer able to compete, work out, or function like a 20 year old should.  She felt like she was trapped in an 85 year old body. Depression, chronic abdominal discomfort, chemical sensitivities, allergies, muscle weakness, pain, and extreme fatigue were her lot in life at age 20 she thought.

People have a moment in life that puts them at a crossroads, this was hers.  On one side of the path was her family genetics with all her relatives that had chronic conditions as her guide.  They were following the traditional medicine approach, taking medications and not really doing anything in an effort to change.  On the other side was the “What if” path, as she saw it.  This moment in time was her fork in the road.  She could continue on and go down the same path as her family, OR, do the complete opposite and see what happens.  As an “experiment” at first, she chose to do the opposite.  This experiment proved to change the course of her health and life.  Thus began the journey of trial and error and a relentless pursuit to put the pieces of her puzzle together.  No matter the barrier, and there were many (financial, lack of knowledge, lack of information, lack of expertise, lack of support). She never let those things be her “excuse” for not getting healthy.  She always found a way and took personal responsibility for her life.   She pushed through and her tenacity paid off, she turned her health and her life around. It did not happen overnight.  It was a long process, but the results were nothing less than amazing.

Lisa’s ability to draw on personal experience to help guide patients is invaluable.  She has dedicated her adult life to helping people achieve their goals in health and life.  Who better to coach you than one who has been there?

Relentless in her thirst for knowledge she is continually learning and adding to her skill set to help others.  She has had the opportunity to work with thousands of clients and patients over the years guiding them with nutrition, life style choices, and mindset.  Lisa welcomes the opportunity to help you on your journey and seeks to have success with everyone she works with.  Her success starts with her knack of meeting you where you are at, speaking your language, and creating a road map that works for you as an individual.  This is a partnership and she loves being part of your team!