1. I tell everyone I know about you guys!

    If you are looking for the best in the Chicagoland area, look no further! I started coming to Naperville Integrated Wellness last summer and since day 1, I was blown away by Dr. Sexton and the entire staff. These folks are the real deal if you are tired of being just a number and not getting any real answers or solutions...if you are looking to uproot the cause of dis-ease, call them. I am entirel…Read More

    Mary W.
  2. Looking forward to working together to help me feel my best

    Answered all my questions, made a plan of next steps, looking forward to working together to help me feel my best…Read More

    Alicia L.
  3. Amazed at the results

    I’ve been working with Dr. Sexton and his team since early August and am amazed at the results that I’ve achieved in such a short amount of time. I was seeking a holistic practitioner to address all my symptoms in totality, to see me more than just a single body part or symptom. I had several issues I wanted to address including weight loss resistance, brain fog, poor memory, insomnia, fatigue…Read More

    Nadine C.
  4. Excited for the future!

    My health history is one of inflammation, joint pain, obesity & sadness. I've tried SO many different diets and had all but given up. Functional medicine was my Hail Mary attempt for results. I was impressed with the detailed & thorough testing that was ordered so the team could learn about all my food sensitivities & how to help me. I've lost 50 pounds with the help of my health coach…Read More

    Elise S.
  5. It’s been a fantastic experience.

    I came to Naperville Integrated Wellness late last summer with a host of health issues that I couldn't figure out. I couldn't put my finger on the crux of the problem, but I knew something was terribly wrong. Going through their comprehensive test process was both enlightening and insightful. I never would have gotten to the answers I did with a traditional medicine approach. Dr. Sexton was wonder…Read More

    Julie H
  6. Everything They Do Is To Improve The Lives Of Their Patients

    I have been going to Doc (Dr. Sexton) and Lisa for around 5 years. They are an amazing team and they truly care about their patient’s well-being. I started going to them because of my mom and sister going to them for digestive issues. Doc was the first person to care about the cause of my issues, instead of just trying to give me a pill to “fix” the immediate issue. None of my primary care …Read More

    Lori J.
  7. I Can’t Imagine Going Anywhere Else!

    I have been a patient of Doc and Lisa's for over 8 years and now drive 45 minutes each way to their office. I can't imagine going anywhere else! I initially went to their office after a bad car accident and received treatment for cervical herniated discs, back pain, and knee pain. I saw other doctors during this time, but Bowen therapy and the other treatments I received from Doc and Lisa were re…Read More

    Jessica B.
  8. They Truly Care About Your Health

    Doc and Lisa have helped me tremendously. They truly care about my overall health, true health, not just a "medicine" to alleviate symptoms. They get to the bottom of a concern and fix it!! If you want to feel well and are looking for more than a "bandaid" then they are the people for you!**…Read More

    Michelle B.
  9. They Completely Turned My Back Pain Around

    Dr. Clinton and Ms. Lisa started me on the road to recovery on the same day that my severe lower back pain flared up! They have a professional and personalized approach that quickly turned my back pain around in a very short period of time. Nothing beats feeling healthy and strong again!**…Read More

    Annalise B.
  10. They Have Helped My Entire Family

    They have helped my entire family with a variety of issues. From sports injuries to back problems, to digestive problems and nutrition. The amount of knowledge and willingness to help is abundant! I am so grateful to them.**…Read More

    Heidi L.