1. Dr. Sexton’s Health Pyramid – Naperville Integrated Wellness

    How to heal your body…  How do you build up your health and reverse chronic health conditions? Is there a road map from poor health to good health? I believe there is, and I call it a Health Pyramid. I created this pyramid as visual representation of how the various systems of your body work together, resulting in health and excellent quality of life.  I believe some systems to be more “rugg…Read More

  2. Your Health Requires Self-Care – Functional Medicine Is The Answer To A Longer Life

    “12 minutes and a pill” won’t cut it anymore... The traditional medicine model is quickly becoming the “old way” of providing healthcare services for chronic health problems. This outdated model of care has failed to prevent or reverse chronic health issues. All chronic health problems continue to spiral out of control, and we are losing the health-disease battle in this country. We are …Read More

  3. Why am I so tired? – Our Functional Medicine Doctor Breaks It Down

    More and more of my new patients are suffering from fatigue. They just don’t have the energy they used to have. For many, it does not matter how much sleep they get, they just feel run down, tired, and not motivated.  There are many root causes for fatigue. It can be due to nutrient deficiencies, dietary choices, hormone imbalances, inflammation, adrenal gland fatigue…etc.  The most common m…Read More

  4. Why Can’t I Lose Weight? – Functional Medicine Doctor says, “You can test or you can guess”.

    When nothing seems to work… Difficulty losing weight is one of the most common reasons people contact my office. Most of them have tried several types of weight-loss diets, cutting calories, and exercising more. For many people, doing one or more of these things will result in successful weight loss…for others it just does not help. The scale won’t budge and your clothes still feel tight.  …Read More

  5. Are we a good fit for you? – The Naperville Integrated Wellness Difference

    Read this to find out… Many people contact our office every day with many questions about functional medicine and our office. If you are interested in working with a functional medicine doctor, but do not know which clinic is a good fit for your personality and needs, then read this blog. This will walk you through the steps of your functional medicine experience in our office and will answer ma…Read More

  6. Functional-medicine-aurora

    Infections – Autoimmune Disease

    Acute and chronic infections can be a root cause for the development of autoimmune disease. Viruses in particular have been shown to trigger immune system dysregulation and ultimately autoimmunity. While there are other environmental and lifestyle triggers for autoimmunity, infections have probably been the most studied by researchers.  “Autoimmunity occurs when the immune system recognizes and…Read More

  7. The Real Pandemic – Your Immune System

    COVID-19 won’t kill you… your immune system will A pandemic is an epidemic of disease that covers a large region or the entire world and affects large numbers of people. We are calling COVID-19 a pandemic…but it is not the virus that is the real problem, it is our own immune systems. COVID-19 has become a such a concern because of the possibility of significant complications and even death.…Read More

  8. COVID-19 Discovery! – Our Functional Medicine Doctor Breaks It Down

    COVID-19 Discovery! Vitamin D might be helpful!  Vitamin D might have a beneficial impact on your immune system. It might even help protect you against a coronavirus! Ok, you are probably thinking that I’m fool and that everyone knows vitamin D can help improve your immune system. Well, apparently this is “news” to researchers. I apologize for being a bit a facetious, but I am just a bit sh…Read More

  9. functional-medicine-doctor

    Coronavirus Warning – It’s Time To Wake Up

    COVID-19 is a wake-up call What exactly is a wake-up call? Something that serves to alert us to a problem, danger or need. Seeing what this virus has done to our country and the world should serve as warning that we do have a problem, we are in danger and there is a need.  The fact that a virus has shut down our lives should serve as a warning to us all. The fact that a virus has caused such pani…Read More

  10. functional-medicine-doctor-naperville

    Hashimoto’s Brain Damage: Keep Your Brain Health w/ Functional Medicine

    Hashimoto’s disease is not only a thyroid disease. This autoimmune disease often affects your brain. Many individuals with this disease still suffer with brain-related symptoms even when their thyroid hormone levels are optimal. Your symptoms may not be related to your levels of thyroid hormone at all. In many instances, symptoms attributed to thyroid hormones are actually problems that originat…Read More