Hi, I’m Dr. Joshua Bletzinger and I am excited to have joined the Naperville Integrated Wellness team in February 2020. I have been in practice for the past 16 years. I have been practicing functional medicine during these clinic years to help my patients address the root causes of their health challenges and customize solutions to achieve their health goals.

I met Dr. Sexton in 2017 and have been working collaboratively with him ever since. Sharing the same philosophy and mission, I transitioned to join NIW to be a part of the best team of functional medicine providers and to better serve the growing population seeking the area’s best functional medicine services available. 

My absolute passion lies in helping people address their health from the inside-out and help them produce their best long-term health possible! I am excited to focus my work on the clinical aspects of Naperville Integrated Wellness and help serve as a beacon for the best functional medicine clinic in Chicoland. 


Dr. Bletzinger is an athlete and former ice hockey player, having played hockey through college and coaching thereafter. His path was set on appointment to the US Air Force Academy to follow his dream of becoming a pilot. It was because of some very specific and debilitating physical injuries that made him change that course and set his sights on the health field. 

On the opposite side of these injuries was a family riddled with chronic disease and a personal battle with childhood obesity. He watched his father suffer, and ultimately pass, from type 2 diabetes complications, succumbing to a 25-year struggle with the disease. Dr. Bletzinger also watched his grandmother progress to the deepest grips of dementia, eventually passing after a 13-year battle with the neurodegenerative condition that steals the brain. 

Dr. Bletzinger quickly found conventional medicine had no answers to his or his family’s health challenges other than… to keep taking meds. These challenges and lack of answers directed his pursuit in healthcare; and led him to serve as a healthcare professional who addresses and corrects the causative factors to health challenges and disease. Functional medicine was this fit. He wanted to improve his health naturally and help his patients optimize their health without the use of drugs or surgery. Having found the answers for himself through functional medicine based healthcare, Dr. Bletzinger set out to help his patients find lasting solutions to their health challenges in the same manner. 

Through his personal and family’s health challenges Dr. Bletzinger wanted to serve in the healthcare field as a natural and holistic doctor. He initially pursued a college undergraduate degree in fitness and nutrition, earning a degree in kinesiology from Northern Illinois University in 1999. Through personal experience and much investigation into natural health practice, Dr. Bletzinger matriculated into Palmer College of Chiropractic and earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2004.

While in clinical practice, Dr. Bletzinger has served as an adjunct instructor for both Northern Illinois University and Aurora University in kinesiology, nutrition, and systems pathology.

Dr. Bletzinger continues to pursue an exhaustive post-doctorate education in functional medicine, clinical nutrition, and functional endocrinology. He focuses on biochemistry and biochemical lab diagnostics with specific attention to neuro-biogenic health, biotoxicity, and chronic inflammation.

Dr. Bletzinger is married to his beautiful wife, Julie, and has two young daughters Lily and Addison.