Orland Park is the ideal place to raise a family. With fantastic schools, safe neighborhoods, and booming businesses, there are plenty of reasons why residents choose to call this lovely Chicago suburb home. Whether you’re shopping on LaGrange Road or participating in one of the many incredible programs through the park district, Orland Park residents always have fun. At Naperville Integrated Wellness, we are happy to welcome Orland Park residents to our integrative medicine clinic in Naperville.

Functional Medicine for Orland Park Residents

Functional Medicine Testing for Orland Park Residents

Have you ever had the experience of going to the doctor and feeling like they’re not really listening to you? They may have written you a prescription to “manage” your symptoms and sent you on your way without any real insight into the root of the problem. At our integrative medicine facility, we see you as a person, not a set of symptoms. That’s why we provide functional medicine testing for Orland Park residents who choose to come visit our clinic. Whether you’re looking for food sensitivity testing, hormone evaluations, or autoimmune disease diagnosis, we use a variety of different tools to help determine the underlying reason for your health concerns.

Functional Medicine Treatment for Orland Park Residents

After we have completed testing, we are able to create a care plan based on your health conditions and lab results. Using functional medicine, we provide an individualized approach, so your treatment will look different than that of another patient. Along with the creation of your treatment, our health coaching plays an integral role in everyone’s plan. We will help guide you to lifestyle changes, diet modification and supplementation that will best support your health goals and restoration.

If you’re ready to work with a health clinic that genuinely cares about your health, contact us today to schedule an appointment.