1. Health Problem? Why you start with the gut…

    If you want to restore your health….start with your gut.  You have probably heard that that if you want to improve your health, then fixing your digestive system is the place to start. This is generally good advice, but why? What if you don’t have any problems with digestion? Maybe you have migraines, insomnia or you can’t lose weight. What do these have to do with your gut? Do you still be…Read More

  2. Dr. Sexton’s Health Pyramid – Naperville Integrated Wellness

    How to heal your body…  How do you build up your health and reverse chronic health conditions? Is there a road map from poor health to good health? I believe there is, and I call it a Health Pyramid. I created this pyramid as visual representation of how the various systems of your body work together, resulting in health and excellent quality of life.  I believe some systems to be more “rugg…Read More

  3. Your Health Requires Self-Care – Functional Medicine Is The Answer To A Longer Life

    “12 minutes and a pill” won’t cut it anymore... The traditional medicine model is quickly becoming the “old way” of providing healthcare services for chronic health problems. This outdated model of care has failed to prevent or reverse chronic health issues. All chronic health problems continue to spiral out of control, and we are losing the health-disease battle in this country. We are …Read More

  4. Functional Medicine Doctor Near Me?

    Functional Medicine Doctor Near Me? Have you been looking for a functional medicine doctor near you? If so, you have probably been looking at different websites, reading reviews about the doctor and the facility; trying to decide who will be a good fit for you your healthcare needs. It can be difficult making a decision based on information from a website and you don’t want to spend days online …Read More