1. Best Functional Medicine Doctor?

    How do you find the best functional medicine doctor near you? This is a common search online, but everyone has a different definition of “best.” Looking for the best might mean different to you than other people.  In this article, I will cover topics such as the doctor’s education, how well-known they are, do they get good results with their patients as well as the best overall experience. …Read More

  2. What is your diagnosis? – Functional Medicine Speaks To The Root Of The Problem

    Does it really matter?  Without a diagnosis, a label for your health condition, then there is not much traditional medicine can do for you. This where functional medicine and traditional medicine differ. This is very important if you are trying to restore health and normal function to your body. Of course, we tend to feel more in control if we have a name for what we are suffering from, but that …Read More

  3. What doctors don’t know about Hashimoto’s

    Do you still have symptoms of low thyroid function? I see many patients in my office who have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease and many who have not been diagnosed because they were never tested for it.  When someone is diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, they are often told that it is an autoimmune disease that is going to destroy their thyroid gland over time. They are not told that …Read More

  4. Why You Won’t Get Well

    When it comes to your health, wellbeing, and quality of life…what are you waiting for?  If you are not satisfied with your current level of health, what is standing between where you are and where you want to be?  Below are some common obstacles you might be facing that are preventing you from reaching your health goals. Why I can’t take care of myself right now… “I don’t know what to …Read More

  5. Your life is today!

    Will your health be better, or will it be worse one year from today?  Most of us don’t think that far ahead when it comes to our health. We typically focused on our immediate health issues. The nature of our brain is to focus on the present “pain points”…what is bothering me now; unless we push our thought process out into the future, next year is not really a concern for our brain.  If …Read More

  6. Frustrated and confused? – Naperville Integrated Wellness

    Are you frustrated and confused because you don’t know what you should be doing to fix your health issues? There is so much information out there today…it can be very frustrating and confusing!  Have you tried making changes to your lifestyle but have not achieved the results you had hoped for?  Have you changed your diet but still have symptoms? Are the dietary supplements you are taking no…Read More

  7. Natural Treatment for Anxiety – Functional Medicine Doctors

    Anxiety...you would do just about anything to make it go away. It can be very hard to live with, it interferes with your social life, work and just about every other aspect of your life. Most of the time you don’t even know why you’re anxious...which makes it all the more frustrating. You even try to reason with it and try to be rational about what is really happening in your life at that mome…Read More