The elephant in the room…$$$

We receive calls every day from people interested in receiving the benefits of functional medicine. One of first questions they commonly ask is “will my insurance pay for this” or “do you accept my health insurance.”

Our entire healthcare system and your health and wellbeing is ruled by health insurance companies…they get to decide:

  • Which doctor you can see
  • What tests they will pay for
  • What procedures they will pay for
  • What medications they will pay for
  • Which therapy you can receive
  • How much your premiums and co-insurance will be
  • And now you MUST have health insurance!


Healthcare costs are the #1 cause of bankruptcy in this country!

And most of these people HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE!!!

Here is the definition of insurance:

“an arrangement by which a company provides a guarantee of compensation for loss, damage, illness or death in return for payment of a premium.”

You are paying your premiums (which increase on regular basis) but where is the “guarantee of compensation”?

Health insurance is not HEALTH INSURANCE anymore…they don’t pay (a guarantee of compensation $$$) for loss of health. They will pay for services in most cases to keep you alive, but they do not pay for services that restore health and wellbeing. It is not health insurance is “disease insurance.”

Here is the health insurance industry’s concept of “health and disease prevention”… run tests to discover if you need a drug! Their idea of prevention is getting you on drugs for cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes…as soon as possible!


I don’t know about you, but I find this to be really frustrating! I want to help people restore their health, live longer lives and increase their quality of life. Unfortunately, the insurance companies do not share my views on this.

  • Why will they pay for drugs but not for dietary supplements?
  • Why do they get to choose which tests they will pay for?
  • Why do they pay for disease management with drugs but not for healthcare services that could get you off drugs?
  • Why will they pay thousands of dollars in testing if someone has chest pain or chronic headaches but refuse to pay for tests that would could prevent chest pain and headaches?

The system is nuts! The system does not make sense, yet we keep trying to make sense of it. We expect it to pay for services that will make us healthy, but in most cases it won’t.

This takes us back to the original question. “Will my insurance cover functional medicine?” The best answer I can give you is maybe. I would not count on it, but they might. This brings us to another question. Just because health insurance is nuts and may not pay for your treatment, does that mean you should not have it? Don’t get me wrong, I think they should pay for it! But if they won’t, does that mean you should just follow their rules and deprive yourself of wellness and quality of life?

Will you allow a broken system to dictate the quality of your life?

I don’t let them tell me what to do. I do what is best for my patients…I will do what is best for you!

I will not let some person sitting in a cubicle, with no medical training and who has no idea who you are and what you are going through, decide how your healthcare will be managed.

I am here to serve you, not the insurance companies!

We do not accept health insurance in our office because we are here to do what is best for you and we can’t do that if we are subject to the “rules and restrictions” of the health insurance industry. 

I can’t do what is best for you if they are going to tie my hands. We do however provide you with the necessary paperwork so you can submit the services to your insurance for possible reimbursement. Health insurance and functional medicine; the elephant in the room. I hope this article has given you a different perspective on health insurance and how it affects doctors who are trying to do what they believe is best for their patients.


Do you live in Frankfort, St. Charles, Wheaton, or surrounding areas? Are you looking for a functional medicine doctor? Call our office today!

Sometimes people call our office and get upset with us because we don’t accept insurance. We are not singling them out, we don’t accept any health insurance. I love what I do. What I do is help people. I don’t get up and go to work each day so I can fight with insurance companies.

If I wanted to fight regulations, policies, bureaucracy and red tape I would have gone into politics; not healthcare. I won’t let them run my life and prevent me from doing what is best for you.

I’m on your side, not theirs.

It’s you’re your body, your health, your future and your quality of life. 

Do what is best for you and I will too!

Contact my office and speak with our functional medicine consultant.

I wish you health, happiness and a better quality of life!

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Do your own research, inform yourself and ask lots of questions. When collecting information, you MUST consider the source. There is no shortage of false, misleading, outdated, profit-driven and utterly biased information in healthcare today; even from the most respected sources and organizations.

This approach to healthcare is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease. Why? The FDA enforces its position that these words can only be used with drugs. This approach does not use drugs.