You think you do, but you really don’t…this is why. 

You don’t want functional medicine…you want what it can do for you and how it can change your life. You don’t want to see a doctor like me, have tests done and change your lifestyle.

Nobody wants to do this, but there is something you do want and only you know what that is.

I have worked with thousands of patients over the last 20 years and I have discovered that they don’t want what I have to offer or can do for them. They want a transformation; they want something very specific to be different in their lives. 

Let’s say someone comes into my office for a consultation. The first things they tell me are that they want functional medicine or food testing because they have digestive problems. They will go on to explain that the reason they are in my office is because they suffer with digestive problems like gas, bloating and loose stool. They are telling me that they want to get rid of these digestive problems and they want the help of a functional medicine doctor to find the root cause of their problem.

This is what they tell me: 

  • I have digestive problems.
  • I want to get to the root cause of these problems.
  • I want the help of a functional medicine doctor.
  • I want to know what foods I should and should not be eating
  • I want to know which probiotic or digestive enzyme I should be taking.

Ok, that makes sense on the surface; they don’t like having digestive problems. The real question however is WHY do you want to get rid of these digestive problems? That might seem like a silly question, but it is the REAL REASON they are in my office.

The real reason they are in my office is not to get rid of the digestive problem, consult with me, run tests, change their diet, etc. The real reason is HOW the digestive problem is affecting their lives. 

Here are some examples of WHY they are really in my office:

  • I’m tired of worrying if a bathroom is nearby.
  • I am terrified of having an accident when I’m stuck in traffic.
  • I can’t go out socially as often as I would like to.
  • I am losing out on time with my loved ones because I am sick all the time.
  • I hate the way it feels when I’m bloated, my clothes feel tight and I don’t like the way I look.
  • The pain makes me irritable and I am less patient with my children or spouse.
  • Not knowing what will trigger the digestive problem causes a lot of anxiety for me.

These are just some of the real reasons people show up at my office. Not because they want functional medicine, not because they want to change their diet, not because they want me to run tests and get to the root cause of their health problem. 

It is very important for you to take some self-inventory and isolate for yourself WHY you want to change your health.

My job is to get down to the root cause of your health issue. Your job is to discover the root cause why you want to fix it. It is not because you have the health issue, but how the health issue affects your quality of life. 

Identifying your root cause of WHY will give you more clarity, motivation and resolve to fix the problem.

Everything we do in functional medicine is about root causes…the underlying truths and realities of why things are the way they are. Your first step is to really identify WHY you want to fix your health problem. This helps me understand what is truly motivating you…so we are on the same page and so I can help you can get what you really want.

You don’t want function medicine or to discover the root cause of your health problem. You want to solve the root cause of WHY you want to solve the health problem. What lies beneath your health issue; what is motivating you to seek help? Let’s make sure you get what you really want. 

What is your WHY?

The purpose of functional medicine is: 

Understanding how the body works, knowing how and where to investigate health issues, knowing what to look for, understanding the significance of what is found and creating a plan of action to reverse and correct the root cause the health problems.

My wish for you…health, happiness and a better quality of life! 

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Do your own research, inform yourself and ask lots of questions. When collecting information, you MUST consider the source. There is no shortage of false, misleading, outdated, profit-driven and utterly biased information in healthcare today; even from the most respected sources and organizations. 

This approach to healthcare is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease. This article is for information purposes and is not a substitute professional healthcare services. Contact our office for more information.