1. Best Functional Medicine Doctor?

    How do you find the best functional medicine doctor near you? This is a common search online, but everyone has a different definition of “best.” Looking for the best might mean different to you than other people.  In this article, I will cover topics such as the doctor’s education, how well-known they are, do they get good results with their patients as well as the best overall experience. …Read More

  2. Your Best Friend or Worst Enemy? – Your Immune System

    Your immune system can be your best friend or your worst enemy. When working properly, it can save your life and when it’s not it can end your life. Your immune system is one of the most powerful and complex systems you have. Much like the dog pictured here, your immune system is your defender and protector when it works properly. When it behaves badly, things can do go very, very wrong. In trad…Read More

  3. Dr. Clint Sexton

    Weight Loss Success – Functional Medicine Looks At New Year, New You

    It’s January again and weight loss may be on your mind. Losing weight is one of the most common New Year’s resolution we make. Many people make the resolution to lose weight repeatedly throughout the year. This can become a depressing cycle of trying diet or weight loss programs, one after the other, hoping for that secret combination of factors that will finally result in success.  Top 10 …Read More

  4. Does your doctor know how to test your thyroid?

    Is your doctor missing something?   When your doctor runs tests for your thyroid gland they are either looking to see how well your thyroid is working on it own or what your thyroid medication is doing in your body. Unfortunately, most doctors are not very good at testing the thyroid gland and interpreting the results. This might sound like a harsh statement to make, but after reading this artic…Read More

  5. Why am I so tired? – Our Functional Medicine Doctor Breaks It Down

    More and more of my new patients are suffering from fatigue. They just don’t have the energy they used to have. For many, it does not matter how much sleep they get, they just feel run down, tired, and not motivated.  There are many root causes for fatigue. It can be due to nutrient deficiencies, dietary choices, hormone imbalances, inflammation, adrenal gland fatigue…etc.  The most common m…Read More

  6. Why Can’t I Lose Weight? – Functional Medicine Doctor says, “You can test or you can guess”.

    When nothing seems to work… Difficulty losing weight is one of the most common reasons people contact my office. Most of them have tried several types of weight-loss diets, cutting calories, and exercising more. For many people, doing one or more of these things will result in successful weight loss…for others it just does not help. The scale won’t budge and your clothes still feel tight.  …Read More

  7. Are we a good fit for you? – The Naperville Integrated Wellness Difference

    Read this to find out… Many people contact our office every day with many questions about functional medicine and our office. If you are interested in working with a functional medicine doctor, but do not know which clinic is a good fit for your personality and needs, then read this blog. This will walk you through the steps of your functional medicine experience in our office and will answer ma…Read More

  8. The health choices you make every day

    The level of health you are experiencing right now is the sum total of the choices you have made in the past. True, we all may have started at a different place due to genetics, environment or events we did not have control over. We do however possess the power to make choices every day that will either take us closer or further away from health. Are you making good or bad choices? Your health or …Read More

  9. You Don’t Want This – Wise words from a Functional Medicine Doctor

    You think you do, but you really don’t…this is why.  You don’t want functional medicine…you want what it can do for you and how it can change your life. You don’t want to see a doctor like me, have tests done and change your lifestyle. Nobody wants to do this, but there is something you do want and only you know what that is. I have worked with thousands of patients over the last 20 yea…Read More

  10. Choosing a Functional Medicine Doctor Near You

    3 things to look for in a Functional Medicine Doctor… As functional medicine grows in popularity more and more people are looking for functional medicine doctors in their area. Maybe you live in Orland Park or St. Charles or another city or town around Chicago. If you have been doing online searches, you have probably noticed that you have several different clinics to choose from. It can be diff…Read More