1. Are Functional Medicine Doctors Real Doctors?

    Feedback from our Chicago Functional Medicine Doctor Are functional medicine doctors real doctors? Are functional medicine doctors legitimate? Are functional medicine doctors worth it?  These are some of the most common Google searches regarding functional medicine doctors. Probably the most common question people have about functional medicine doctors is “are they real doctors?”  I would li…Read More

  2. IBS and Functional Medicine 

    As a top Chicago functional medicine doctor, I see patients every day that suffer with chronic digestion issues. IBS or irritable bowel syndrome is one of the most common problems we see in our Chicago-based office.  This article will look at IBS from a conventional and functional medicine perspective. Hopefully this will provide you with a greater understanding of this condition.  “Irritable …Read More

  3. What To Look for In a Functional Medicine Doctor

    Have you been searching for a functional medicine physician? If so, you have probably been scouring the web and looking over the websites of various doctors and clinics. You have been doing your research so you can make an informed decision. The only problem is that you may not know what exactly it is you are looking for. What criteria are you using to make your decision? Maybe you have been compa…Read More

  4. What Is Functional Medicine?

    Maybe you have heard the term Functional Medicine recently. More and more people are hearing these words but what do they mean? Functional Medicine is a new form of healthcare today that is more patient-centered than traditional medicine. Whereas traditional medicine focuses solely on identifying and suppressing disease with medication, functional medicine treats the individual as a whole and puts…Read More