1. Your Health Requires Self-Care – Functional Medicine Is The Answer To A Longer Life

    “12 minutes and a pill” won’t cut it anymore... The traditional medicine model is quickly becoming the “old way” of providing healthcare services for chronic health problems. This outdated model of care has failed to prevent or reverse chronic health issues. All chronic health problems continue to spiral out of control, and we are losing the health-disease battle in this country. We are …Read More

  2. Why Can’t I Lose Weight? – Functional Medicine Doctor says, “You can test or you can guess”.

    When nothing seems to work… Difficulty losing weight is one of the most common reasons people contact my office. Most of them have tried several types of weight-loss diets, cutting calories, and exercising more. For many people, doing one or more of these things will result in successful weight loss…for others it just does not help. The scale won’t budge and your clothes still feel tight.  …Read More

  3. Are we a good fit for you? – The Naperville Integrated Wellness Difference

    Read this to find out… Many people contact our office every day with many questions about functional medicine and our office. If you are interested in working with a functional medicine doctor, but do not know which clinic is a good fit for your personality and needs, then read this blog. This will walk you through the steps of your functional medicine experience in our office and will answer ma…Read More

  4. Leaky Gut, SIBO and IBS…SOLUTIONS

    Are you suffering with digestion problems? You may have one or more of the conditions listed above. If you are not familiar with these conditions, then keep reading...they could be the cause of your digestion problems. These are all functional problems of the digestive system, so they are best treated with the help of a functional medicine doctor. If you have been to your gastroenterologist and di…Read More

  5. Functional Medicine Thyroid Solutions – Naperville Integrated Wellness

    You just want to feel “normal” again... You don’t want thyroid issues keeping your from looking and feeling your best. If your thyroid or the hormones you are taking are not working properly, you will continue to struggle with health issues...period. Unfortunately, if you wondering if you have a thyroid problem or if you have a known thyroid issue your treatment and management comes down to …Read More

  6. The Benefits of Functional Medicine for Frankfort Residents

    These days, we get a lot of cultural messages that suggest that we shouldn’t trust our bodies. Whether it’s a trendy new diet or a heavily marketed prescription drug, the media tells us that our bodies are a problem we need to fix. In reality, our bodies hold the true wisdom as to how to heal our health concerns, and the trick is not to try to control them — it’s to listen to them. This is…Read More

  7. How To Choose A Functional Medicine Doctor?

    Maybe you are at the point where you would like to work with a functional medicine doctor, but you are not sure who? There are more and more doctors transitioning to a functional health model and your choices are ever increasing. So, let me tell you how we practice functional medicine so you can decide if we  would be a good fit for you or not. I believe there are several factors that make our ap…Read More

  8. Thyroid Problems, may not be the actual dilemma

    I have many patients contact my office who are sure they have a thyroid problem. Many have been told by their doctor that their thyroid is normal, yet they still have symptoms of low thyroid function.   Maybe you have symptoms of low thyroid function like weight gain, fatigue, depression, hair loss or fatigue. These are all problems that can be caused by hypothyroidism (low thyroid function). Yo…Read More