1. Your Whole-Body Approach to Health – from our Functional Medicine Doctor

    Functional Medicine - A Naperville Approach If you have a health problem, do you think the problem is the result of a single body-system failure? Let’s say you have a digestion problem that causes gas, bloating and loose stool. You might think your digestive system is the root cause of your problem. This would be a reasonable assumption to make, but there is probably more going on than you reali…Read More

  2. The Perfect Diet?

    What should you be eating??? Paleo Ketogenic Intermittent fasting Plant-based  Mediterranean diet Vegan Low-lectin  Vegetarian  Low carb  Low fat  DASH  Atkins  HCG diet  Low FODMAP  Weight Watchers  Whole-30 AIP   ??? As you can see, there are many different diet plans and diet philosophies to choose from. The problem is, which one is best for you? They all have merit and many people …Read More

  3. Functional Medicine Health Pyramid #8 Brain Health

    Heal Your BRAIN How do you know if you have an unhealthy brain? Below you will find some of the most common symptoms of an inflamed brain; or a brain that is not working properly: Warning signs: Chronic fatigue Brain-fog Your short-term memory is declining Insomnia Depression / Anxiety Lack of motivation Reduced ability to handle stress You have strong reactions to foods or environmental triggers …Read More

  4. Functional Medicine Health Pyramid # 7 Hormones

    How to balance your hormones? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Hormonal imbalance is a common problem today and is due to various causes. You will notice that I have placed HORMONES at Level #7 of the Functional Medicine Health Pyramid/FMHP. This is because all of the Levels below hormones can be a root cause for hormone imbalances. When I say hormones I am referring to Estrogen, Progesterone and T…Read More

  5. Functional Medicine Health Pyramid # 6 Thyroid

    How do you heal your Thyroid? What causes your thyroid gland to not function properly? Do you have a nutrition problem? Do you have an Immune system problem? Do you have an Inflammation problem? Do you have a Food allergy or food sensitivity problem? Do you have a Digestive system problem?. . Could it be any or all of these things? This is where the help of a functional medicine doctor can take yo…Read More

  6. Food Sensitivity Testing

    Many people are suffering from health issues that are a direct result of the foods they are eating. They know, or highly suspect certain foods are playing a role… the only problem is that they don’t know which foods to reduce or completely remove from their diet. Maybe you have been trying to figure out which foods you should be eating and which foods you should avoid. Trying to sort this out …Read More

  7. The Healthy Magic Bullet

    How does someone become chronically ill? How do some people remain healthy? How can you reverse unwanted health problems and become healthy again? These are some pretty big questions, but I’m going to do my best to break these down and shed some light on how we become sick and the process of becoming well again. First of all, let’s dispel a huge myth that prevents people from restoring their h…Read More

  8. Women’s Hormone Health

    Do you suffer with symptoms of hormone imbalance? Even if you don’t, this article will give you a better understanding of how your body regulates hormones and how this system can break down. Today I want to talk about women’s hormones; why they need to be in balance and some of the most common reasons they go out of control. Functional medicine takes an extremely different approach to hormone …Read More

  9. Functional Medicine; How It Works

    More and more people are becoming aware of functional medicine, but most do not know how it works. They usually have the understanding that it is generally a more natural approach to restoring health, but what does that mean exactly. Well, that is the purpose of this article, to you give you a better understanding of HOW functional medicine is utilized to restore health and wellness. If you want …Read More

  10. Are You Copper Toxic?

    Are you aware of the many health problems linked to too much copper? Copper toxicity may be the cause of your health problems. Copper is one of the trace elements required by your body for normal and healthy function. Last week I discussed the most abundant trace element in your body; iron. Today I will cover copper, which happens to be the 3rd most abundant trace element in your body. Trace elem…Read More